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Hike & Swap! The Mountain Beckons

The “HIKE & SWAP” event was held on Saturday, April 24, 2021 on Mt. Rokko. Many people enjoyed the market, took a tour of various properties on the mountain and visited ROKKONOMAD and so much more! Here is a report about the wonderful event.

The view from ROKKONOMAD on the top of Rokko Mountain. The weather was perfect, and the feeling of exhilaration was unparalleled.

The weather was beautiful! Due to the declaration of a state of emergency, the event had to be held only on Saturday instead of both Saturday and Sunday, but we were all greeted by the perfect weather that blew away our sad mood.

“HIKE & SWAP” is an event on the mountain where you can not only shop at the market, but also barter for the things you brought up with you in your backpack.

This year’s HIKE & SWAP consisted of; (1) a market on the mountain, (2) opening the base facilities on the mountain such as ROKKONOMAD and Re-Nest A HOLIDAY HOME, and (3) a tour of real estate properties on the mountain.

Enjoying Natural Communication at the “Market on the Mountain”

Market on the mountain. A variety of stores lined up under the spectacular greenery of the tall trees.

The market was held on the lawn of 653cafe, which is located right by where one exits the Rokko Cable Sanjo Station. The market featured curry, coffee, sandwiches, baked goods, bookstores, bicycle stores, hat shops, and so much more.

In addition to wearing masks, the participants enjoyed interacting with each other in a refreshing outdoor environment while taking thorough measures to prevent infectious diseases, such as keeping a certain distance between booths and keeping the flow of traffic to one direction. 

Perhaps it was the unique atmosphere of the mountains, but each visitor had a relaxed expression on their face, detached from their normal daily life.

It was like a public space born for a moment in Mt. Rokko, and everyone was relaxed and enjoying natural communication. It was as if they were loving other values such as enjoying conversation and having time to relax, rather than just there to buy things.  

Children playing on a swing in the forest.

I want to expose my children to the fresh air and get them moving. I’m sure the parents of the families with children who came to the park had such feelings.
The children immediately started playing on the makeshift swings that we had made by attaching ropes between the trees, and they immediately had innocent smiles on their faces. Of course, you need to take precautions against infectious diseases on the mountain as well, but compared to the city, it is less crowded and has the advantage of being in the open air.

Enjoy a tour of the facilities and gibier at ROKKONOMAD

We were on a mountain, so we went a little wild. We roasted a whole deer and served it.

At the same time, ROKKONOMAD, about a 12-minute walk from 653 cafe, was hosting a bonfire dinner by “traveling chef” Nao Mikami. ROKKONOMAD, which is usually only open to members, was opened to the public. Visitors were able to tour the facility and taste the gibier and paella cooked in an outdoor kitchen. The venison was provided by Mr. Tetsuya Nitta, a wild deer meat processor in Tanba Sasayama City, and the vegetables were from Kobe. The vegetables were all locally grown ingredients. The firewood used for the bonfire was also from the Rokko Mountains.

Nao Mikami is on the right. After working as a nutritionist at an elementary school, she moved to France and started her career in cooking. She is currently working as a “traveling chef. On the left is Tetsuya Nitta of Carliman, who runs a gibier meat processing facility in Tanba Sasayama City.

Nao’s process is to first go into an area, research the food, talk with the producers, and then create the menu. This time, she stayed for 10 days through ROKKONOMAD’s “work-in-residence” program. During that time, she did a lot of research, including visits to producers. This is a great way to use ROKKONOMAD as a working base.

And this was the day of the unveiling. She gave a workshop about food and community to the people who came, and everyone enjoyed eating the final dishes together.

Paella cooked over an open fire.
Enjoying an outdoor lunch surrounded by greenery in an airy environment.

With the onset of spring, the area around the building is in full bloom with fresh greenery. We enjoyed pleasant breezes and cool temperatures just before Golden Week.

Tour of interesting properties on Mt. Rokko

Rokko mountain top property tour. Kobe R Real Estate staff was in charge of the tour.

We also had a property tour on top of Mt. Rokko started from ROKKONOMAD, and the participants often said “Wow” during the tour. We visited a total of six properties, including those listed on the ROKKONOMAD website as well as a few not listed on the website.

The view from the window of the property thaw was shown. Such a panoramic view!

In addition to ROKKONOMAD, they also opened the “Re-Nest A HOLIDAY HOME”, a rental villa type accommodation facility for people to tour. “I had no idea that such a place existed. I’d like to think about specific opportunities to use it.” The participants expressed their fresh surprise.
(For more information on “Re-Nest A HOLIDAY HOME,” please refer to this column.

Accommodation facility “Re-Nest A Holiday Home”. As one can see, the cottages are built on the slope of the mountain, and the view from the top is exceptional. You have to see it for yourself.

I’ll see you on the mountain

It was a day that reaffirmed how nice it is to come up to Mt. Rokko, which is so close to the city.

The event started at 11:00 a.m. and ended at 4:00 p.m. It was a very short time, but everyone was able to enjoy an unusual and relaxing time. If I had to describe the common impression of the visitors and the vendors, I would say it was the feeling of discovery of “I didn’t know there was such a place!”

A farmer who opened a stall at the market said, “I usually come to Sannomiya with my produce from Kita-ku, but it was nice to know that there is such a nice place in between, right in the middle of the city really.” He said. “The city and the farming village are in close proximity, and in between there is the forest of Mt Rokko. It was a day that made me feel anew that I would like to develop more pleasant ways to spend and use this place.” 

Will definitely see you on the mountain!

We will not be holding any events for a while, but ROKKONOMAD is holding an open day in May.
Why not go up to the top of the mountain and turn on something a little different?

(Column Writer: Youhei Yasuda Photo: Iku Fujita and Kyoko Kataoka)