• Cottages
    Surrounded by the four seasons of the forest, this is a space where you can feel the slow flow of time. Windows with a sense of openness. Outside, there is a wooden deck where you can BBQ and read books. There is also a kitchen where you can cook simple meals, and a separate bathroom and toilet. Each cottage can accommodate 4-5 people, or up to 9 people if two cottages are used.
  • Private Rooms
    Private Rooms
    A room where you can wake up to the sound of birds chirping in the morning. A private room on the first floor, each about 8 tatami mats in size. One of the points of this room is that you can have a double bed all to yourself. You can go directly to the wooden deck and work outside on a nice day. The shower, toilet, and kitchen are shared. We are currently preparing rooms for long-term stays of two weeks or more. For more information, please see the Work-in-Residence page.
  • Shared Bedrooms
    Shared Bedrooms
    Even though it is a shared room, it’s separated by a curtain so there’s plenty of personal space. There is a foldable table on the wall where you can do some work or read. There is also a women-only area for peace of mind. These are rooms for those who want to stay at a reasonable price.


For leisure purpose booking, we accept accommodation reservations from the following online page from one month in advance. If you are considering a team / company training camp for a month or more ahead, please contact us from the contact form.

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