Real Estate Information “Rokkosan Forest Office”

KitaRokko, Rokkosan-cho, Nada-ku 220 million yen 523.46㎡ (building) 1,879.1㎡ (site) 5 minutes on foot from the Hankyu Bus “Alpine Botanical Garden”
For Sale
KitaRokko, Rokkosan-Cho, Nada-Ku 44.8 million yen 190.51㎡ (building) 3,272㎡ (site) 1.7km from the Hankyu Bus “Chojigatsuji” Stop
For Sale

The “Rokkosan Forest Office” is a consultation desk for introducing and matching real estate properties on Mt. Rokko.

Please contact us if you own a property on Rokkosan or are considering an office, cafe, restaurant, accommodation or other venture on the mountain.

* The “Rokkosan Forest Office” is operated under consignment from Kobe City by the Rokkosan Smart City Management Consortium (Consisting of Ikiiki Life Hankyu Hanshin Co., Ltd., and Lusie Co., Ltd. [Kobe R Real Estate]).


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Telephone Reception078-271-8227(Lusie Inc. /KOBE R Real Estate)

* When making inquiries, please let us know your name, contact information, property address, and if you are interested in sale, rental or other types of utilization.