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ROKKONOMAD Open Commemoration “ROKONOMAD Introduction”

With the opening of the facility on March 26, 2021, ROKKONOMAD is officially now up and running.
To commemorate this event, we using our photo library to visually show the facility. Feel free to imagine how you can use this place. 

The entrance staircase is at the center of ROKKONOMAD. Up and to the left is the social room (a place to relax and eat), to the right is a building with workspaces and meeting rooms.


This is the “Social Room,” the living room of ROKKONOMAD. One can read a book, exchange information, have lunch, and so on. It can be used in many ways.

From the entrance, take a right and you will find the Workroom. This window seat is a special area with the best view in the facility.

From the window, you can see the trees in the forest, the city of Kobe beyond, and the horizon. The color of the sky changes with the passage of time.

The workroom is free seating, so one can work at your own pace with a cup of coffee in your hand. You can use the room once a week or stay in the cottage and use the workroom. One might meet new people, just like when traveling.

The workroom has become a symbol of the facility, with an artist’s live painting preserved intact (he is pictured painting).

Fixed seating booths are on the first floor. When you want to refresh yourself, you can go directly out to the wooden deck and relax in front surrounded by nature.

The conference room on the first floor. Perfect for holding a focused brainstorming session with fresh perspective. Much different than going to work in an urban office building. The room is located in a natural environment with lodging facilities, so we recommend using it for meetings while staying overnight (whiteboards and monitors are available).

There are private booths throughout the facility that can be used for remote meetings with clients.

In addition to office workers, the program can also be used for creative people to stay and work. (There is also a program to support the cost of residency. Click here for details.)


Right next to the office building, there are two lodging cottages, which are also suitable for corporate camps. In addition to the bed and sofa bed on the first floor, there is a loft bed space on the second floor that can accommodate up to 4-5 people. The cottages are serviced apartment style, with toilets and bathrooms, as well as cooking utensils and BBQ grills.

Spending time at the cottage cooking and barbecuing is a great way to deepen friendships among colleagues or project team members.

This is the other cottage, which can accommodate groups of up to four people. During the cold seasons, the wood stove is one of the most enjoyable features. It is so comfortable to read or drink while watching the fire.

There are also accommodation spaces in the main building of ROKKONOMAD where the social rooms are located. This is a private room for long-term residents. The bed is very comfortable, the sunlight is wonderful, and the sound of birds and sunlight is a wonderful way to wake up in the morning.

The accommodation area for short term stays. The prices are reasonable, and it is perfect for people who work as they travel, or for those who just want a change of scenery.

This is the women’s short-term stay accommodation space. There are separate sections for men and women.

It’s not quite a café, but the chef will be there at lunchtime to prepare food. It’s refreshing to eat in a social room with a great view.


This is a shot of the ROKKONOMAD grounds. The building is surrounded by tall trees, and just walking around the grounds is a great way to enjoy the forest.

Just below the social room is a large wooden deck. There is a panoramic view of the city and the bay just beyond the dense greenery. Sometimes it’s refreshing to set up a table here and work. It is also a often used as a space for outdoor BBQs.

This is what the cottage looks like from the outside. A perfect hideaway to forget about the daily life of the city. It is also recommended for writers.

Once you leave ROKKONOMAD, you will find several nature walking routes like this one. Walking in nature is a great way to get rid of lack of exercise or to refresh yourself when you feel overwhelmed.

If you bring your own bicycle and cycle around to various places on Mt. Rokko in between work, your mountain world will expand even more.


Finally, we would like to mention the sky. One of the best things about working here is that you can look at the sky and feel the passage of time as you work. This is during the day. (Taken in July)

Here is the sunset. It’s great to go out from the social room to the balcony and watch the sunset with a cup of coffee in your hand.

The night view after sunset is also one-of-a-kind. If you are staying and working, you can also enjoy the night and early morning views.

“It would be a shame not to use such a space.” That was the first feeling we had when we were given the opportunity to build this shared office on Mt. Rokko. We want to share the enjoyability of this place with as many people as possible. Honestly speaking, if people come once a week or a couple of times a month to get a feeling of the mountain top and work, we feel that the percentage of time people spent on the mountain will increase. (We ourselves are gradually increasing our time in the mountains).

Come enjoy the fun of a shared office in the forest where one can stay to work, create, write or more.

Click here for facility details

(Column Writer: Youhei Yasuda Photo: Iku Fujita and Kyoko Kataoka)