Real Estate Information “Rokkosan Forest Office”

KitaRokko, Rokkosan-Cho, Nada-Ku 44.8 million yen 190.51㎡ (building) 3,272㎡ (site) 1.7km from the Hankyu Bus “Chojigatsuji” Stop

In Kobe, one can also live in the mountains. It is said that the first foreigner A.H. Groom, who stayed in Kobe, built a mountain cottage on Mt. Rokko in the middle of the Meiji era. Mr. Groom continued to contribute to the development and protection of the mountains so that people could enjoy them. He laid the foundation to make “Mt. Rokko, familiar to all.” (In honor of his achievements of opening the mountain, an event called the “Groom Festival” is held on the mountain every summer.)

Built in between the trees

Deep in the forest at the top of Mt. Rokko, down through a dirt alley, you will see the 3,272.55 square meter site and one-story building.

The building, which is strongly influenced by “Hanshinkan Modernism”, was built by a wealthy merchant in Osaka in 1933, and was later used by a long-established children’s clothing manufacturer in Kobe as a recreation center until recent years, and then came to the current owner. Sadly because of the economy the owner has decided to sell.

In the forest, on top of the mountain, a one-story house with a mix of Japanese and Western styles

Made with a mix of Japanese and Western styles, the rugged natural materials are comparable to the scenery of Mt. Rokko and the delicate details are quite unique.

It’s been a while since a property with such an expression has come on the market. When visiting one feels as if drawn into a movie of long ago. The building is picturesque even if it has deteriorated slightly over time.

The terrace that connects to the living room facing east is a key point of this site. The randomly piled stone steps and stone pillars, and the winding wild old eaves are exquisite. The scenery overlooking the valley of Mt. Rokko from the terrace is exceptional.

Beautiful green siding

To briefly explain the floor plan, the protruding southern half of the building is made in a “Japanese” style. A Japanese-style room with an L-shaped wide area facing south, another Japanese-style room with an elaborate design, a toilet area, and a washbasin with traces of rain that leaded from the roof can be seen in the west corridor.

The northern half is made of “Western”. There is a living room/dining room area facing the terrace on the east side, and behind it is a multi use room and as well as a bedroom. Reminiscent of a dormitory-style sleepover. There is a storage room and a bathroom for a large number of people on the other side of the corridor, and a kitchen in the west. You will be fascinated by the classical fittings and flooring.

Living room with terrace

There is also a compact separate building where the manager used to stay.

Since it is built for a large number of people, the layout for the plumbing is a little different from that of a house. However, because it is a compact building, it is a size that can be used by individuals. In that respect, it can be said to be easier to use than other recreational facilities on Mt. Rokko. Perfect for a family house and studio.

Wide area off of the rooms for relaxing like in an inn

Precautions regarding the building are described in the remarks column, but it is safe to assume that it will cost tens of millions of yen to have a contractor repair the interior, exterior and infrastructure. Since it is quite a steep road, unless you are a type of person who really enjoys living in the wild, the site is a bit difficult to get to.

The roof sheet metal that seems to be the cause of the rain leak in the Japanese-style room has been repaired, and water pipes to the main building have already been laid.

In addition, the land / building area correct registration has been completed.

Contrast of rugged natural materials and delicate details

By the way, there are various subsidies such as those to be used to change the usage to other than the residence and as well as those for construction costs. So if you want to do something here, please contact us separately regarding this (please note that the city subsidy programs change frequently).

This is a unique place up on Mt. Rokko. We hope it will be renovated and taken over.

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